CAFAM: Granny Squared

By Adriana Guarderas

You may have been lucky enough to see yarn bombed objects around your city or town like this:

Or like this:

Or even like this:

Yarn bombing has been around for a relatively short while, officially starting sometime in 2004 or 2005. Most people cite Magda Sayeg, the founder of the Texan group Knitta Please, as the official originator of the yarn bombing movement, but artist Robyn Love has been making yarn bomb art since 1997, leaving the history of the art movement without a conclusive initiator.

The conceptual ideas behind yarn bombing are relatively simple and beautiful; here is an excerpt written by the group Yarn Bombing Los Angeles that explains their group’s philosophy:

“By developing highly visible art projects that anyone can contribute to, we aim to break down the boundary between high art and low art, fine art and craft. By creating art on the streets, we make art available to anyone in the city, not just those who attend museums regularly. We’re changing the face of public art, traditionally understood as large bronze sculptures to include self-initiated, temporary, craft-based works.”

Yarn Bombing Los Angeles is currently in need of funding and granny squares for its largest project to date, CAFAM: Granny Squared. The completion of this project will result in the Craft and Folk Art Museum’s façade being completely yarn bombed. This is will be the first time that the Craft and Folk Art Museum will be covered in fiber art.

Here is what YBLA anticipates that the CAFAM will look like when the project is installed:

Donate money to their project and learn more here.

Learn more about Yarn Bombing Los Angeles and to donate granny squares here.

PS The positivity of this project doesn’t end after the project is de-installed; the granny squares will be sewn together in order to make blankets and then donated to the Los Angeles Poverty Department. The Los Angeles Poverty Department will then provide the blankets for people on Skid Row.

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