Boys and Girls Meet World

By Ari Stidham

Oh my nostalgia.

If you’re not “in the know” with stuff like this, then hop on into “the know” with me. Welcome. The Disney Channel has confirmed development of a show called “Girl Meets World”- a spin-off/companion piece to “Boy Meets World”- our collective guilty pleasure at-home-sick show. (Nailed it.) Disney has reported that the show will be continuing the stories of Cory and Topanga Matthews and their 13-year-old daughter.

You know you’re going to watch it, people. It’s Topanga and Cory. They’re back.

They’re still together. THEY HAVE A DAUGHTER. Cory is probably such a good dad- who’s the God-dad? Eric or Shawn? What weird quirks did Topanga rub off on this kid?! What happened to Matthew Lawrence and that redheaded girl who was their college roommate that both him and Eric hooked up with? What about that hunky teacher that took Shawn in? WHAT ABOUT FEENY?


Okay, I’ll stop asking answerless questions. I’m just so excited. It feels like I’m growing up all over again. Oh god.

This show has such a soft spot in my heart. I think it’s because my brother looked a lot like Ben Savage growing up.

But, really. Really now, television today is creeping towards extremes. I’m not some bitter actor who’s just saying that. We’re lacking heart in a lot of places where we need it. We’re lacking life lessons. Lessons that BMW definitely had.


This show taught me:

to not get ahead of myself with girls, to be okay with being “the nice boy”,

to make informed life decisions, how to kiss a girl, to remember what really matters, how to talk to my parents, how to be a friend, and I think most importantly- that we never ever stop learning. (I’m so lame.)

I am still floored at how many questions Cory asked his parents, Eric, and Feeny, that I was too embarrassed to ask my family. Thank heaven for this show.

I think that television is a medium that has a magic factor to it, and some shows can just tap right into it. “Boy Meets World” is one of those shows.

Cheesy dialogue, sure.

Predictable plots, you betcha.   It also has heart, humanity, and us. Us.

We are all in that show.


We, the kids with parents who are never around.

We, the girls who don’t fit in anywhere, but love ourselves.

We, the ones trying desperately to make a long distance relationship work.

We, the kids who just need someone to believe in us.

I consider myself so lucky to have grown up with this show. “Girl Meets World” has some very big shoes to fill, but my hopes are high. Even though I am not the demographic. There better be Feeny, guys. I’d be so damn mad.

Work your magic, T.V.- I want to see some learning. Class dismissed.

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  1. Sharee Allen

    There is something very special about the fact that when you see the letters BMW, you think of Cory & Topanga and not the car.

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